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So, What was the point of starting this and Getting back on Track ? (This Half way summary ?)

Updated: 6 days ago

As you have read I have reached a major stage in my life. Lets just be clear, from a medical point of view, that's it! No more treatment available and I am at end of life! Its a matter of managing the symptoms and time. And me being with family and friends.

This takes some digestion and I am happy to talk one to one on this to anybody if you think it might help you (One to one, small groups, just reach out)

From the outset of this journey I have been overwhelmed by 2 things basically. The first being the amount of learning to be had on cancer (And other chronic diseases) and just the sheer size of the void of understanding, willingness to understand between what we call "Conventional" and "Traditional" medicines are!


The second being (And this is far, far more important) the real, sincere and "UNCONDITIONAL" love that we all have around us, all of the time which gives us the power to heal ourselves.

As I get to the end of the planned episodes of the blog I realised that in order to achieve my desired outcome (Just To help one person) I need to break down these next bits in a different way.

What follows is my attempt to do just that on the following sequence of topics.

Following on from "Increasing Positive Emotions, and Embracing Emotional Support. I am going to cover in a mix of short, to longer, simple and obvious to quite complex and more obsquour chapters and will give each the same micro flow:

  • What is iT I am writing about?

  • What does it mean? My understanding.

  • My personal introduction to the topic - how I came to learn this point? And why is it relevant.

  • My research level (Data and Science where understood)

  • Any personal experiences with the topic that might be relevant to achieve my desired outcome

  • and finally a good hook (I hope) to the next topic.

The specific topics I will dabble into are:

  1. Mind over Matter & habits

  2. The conscious & Sub-conscious minds

  3. Leadership & Development training from Tesco. (The thing that first sparked my interest.)

  4. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  5. Psychology (Inc The Pacebo effect,

  6. Meditation

  7. Mindfulness and Gratefulness techniques

  8. Mind - Body Alignment techniques

  9. Energy Healing

  10. Visualization

  11. Quantum Physics

  12. New Biology or The Biology of Belief (perhaps my favorite)

  13. Spiritualization & Religion (the hardest for last)

Here we go "Mind Over Matter" coming up!

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