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My Cancer Journey - Amendment to the flow and outcome.

As I stated in my little stop press the recent bad news I have received has spurned me on a little to continue with this learning Journey.

Over the last year nearly I have been ill, very ill at times. I promised at the outset not to go into that and I aim to keep that promise. (I am very happy to talk privately or in small groups to anybody interested. Please reach out if you think it will help)

Suzanne said recently (not complaining) that it also made me loose "My Mojo" a bit, Talking to Steve he thought I had a bit of depression also, both are probably true. The most recent kick up the proverbial is probably a bit of what I needed, so heres the plan going forward.

I have lost my intended flow as I got past embracing positive emotions and support.

In re-reading I have identified some improvements I can make for some of the key episodes, which I will have a go at.

I will add a half way through summary to remind us all of the key learning so far, and then I will move on with the next epizodes.

In reviewing the flow, I see that I need to break this set down into smaller chunks and a much better logical sequence if it is to help anybody.

I have made a start today and as a result reverted the last episode to draft mode (Chapter 8) and will start again this week.

Keep your eyes open for the new and improved version.

My medium term plan is to complete this blog, then learn about and turn it into a Podcast for my next mind challenge.

your support and feedback is always welcomed and vital to the success criteria which as a reminder is just to help somebody.

Speak soon..

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