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Cancer a long haul journey of learning - episode 8 - Mind over Matter

The use of "Willpower" to overcome a "Physical" barrier.

It's not easy! For example walking over hot coals is one of the most famous mind over matter examples out there.

And this example is, I think you have to agree mind blowing!

Another, not so appealing example could be:

"Going cold Turkey" to resolve a drug addiction problem!

Again a simple google search will remind you of 100's you've come across over time.

My personal experience here stems from being a smoker (pre cancer) for all those years.

In truth I both loved and hated smoking at the same time. I would do anything to get my hands on one at the appropriate time, actually any time, Nah, all the time. I can smoke, eat and drink the things, incidentally NOT the direct cause of my cancer, many other things at play there.

I wanted to stop in the end and this is where I failed miserably with mind over matter, but it did lead me onto habits (more on this in the blog) and other stuff so not all bad.

Truth? I never actually stopped smoking, until I was faced with my awful prognosis. (Again can be found in the blog)

However, depending on the question you ask, when you ask it, Google I am sure will provide a myriad of writing , articles and books on the subject, Studying this could keep you going months.

My view is the jury is still out on it, (real or not? Can be done, cant?) but for strong willed people on I am on the side of positive for those that can't, get onto my learning journey.

A short one to start (Post my reviews) followed by what I envisage another shortish one as I plan to move into the Consious and Sub-Concious minds. However these two topics will come up continuously until the end.

Dabbling into the Sub-Concious is episode 9

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