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Cancer A Long Haul Journey of Learning - Episode 5 of 10. Using Herbs and Supplements.

By Now I hope these episodes are providing you with some insight into how I compliment and manage the very, very important medical treatment I am receiving. I basically have an attitude of "If I haven't done this before, What's the worse that could happen?" The answer has always been, it might not be my silver bullet but it's an improvement to how I lived without it, so lets give it a go!

This one is probably the least I have looked into and I still think it worth a short mention.

When I did look into this area I found the amount of information available too wide and variable and this perhaps put me off. Before you read on, if this is an area that interests you I would recommend that you start by looking up an expert in your area and not take what follows as the only answer.

Let's break them down and Start with Supplements. Your health Carers and Doctors will know your case and if they believe there is a deficiency that needs filling I would take that professional advice. I my case that didn't happen and at first when I thought of "Supplements / Supplementing" I just thought..... "Oh No, more pills!"

I already rattled like a bottle of tablets every step I took and just couldn't face any more I didn't deem as absolutely necessary.

I do now look at it slightly differently, its about supplementing my health, the immune system and I think I do this by my learning on diet and especially from the book Superlife, by Darin Olien mentioned in episode 2 about changing diet.

After reading the book I do supplement my immune system by the things mentioned such as simply thinking abut what I put into my immune system as so called food. Stopping most of the bad, introducing more of the good and things. And from my point of view eating more of the foods (including herbs) from the brilliantly split lists at the back of the book of foods from A vitamins to Zinc rich foods, including really helpful lists on detoxifying foods, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immune system support foods and anti cancer foods. Taking in more of these and being conscious of what and how I eat is how I Supplement.

Herbs. This one has even more of a think forrest of information out there, I simply didn't know where to start once I did, on the net I quickly got lost! So my advice don't start where I did, if you can, speak to somebody first (an expert) to set you off in the right direction or narrow your questions to be more specific before pressing thwart search button.

back to living the attitude I wanted to adopt, (if it doesn't harm, give it a go) I do drink one herbal tea per day consisting of two different blends of herbs, the first is an organic "Every day Detox" mix made from dandelions and supports Liver & Kidney functions and the second (recommended in Radical Remission) is a Kombucha tea putting both bags into the cup makes it drinkable.

I think that's the thing, "one a day" has to be positive for me.

The episodes that follow (and the ones I really am excited to share) will focus on the learning I have had on the power and relationships between Mind, Body, emotions and love.

I will also talk about the absolute love and support that I feel so humbled and blessed to receive!

I can't wait!

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