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Cancer A Long Haul Journey of Learning - Episode 4 of 10. Intuition!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022


Until very recent to me writing this episode, I knew something was there on this topic but not what or how important it can be.

All I did know is

  1. When I got told "You Have Stage 4 Cancer" I knew I had a battle on my hands and it wasn't going to be easy. (I cannot remember thinking of dying)

  2. I knew I had things to fix and change about me.

  3. I knew I had to continue to work, this was not going to stop me, nobody else needed to know.

  4. AND I knew I had a lot of learning to do.

Why I "Knew" these things I did not know. But I knew that I knew them! Weird right?

I stuck at those things and I now firmly believe they play a vital part of my continuing journey.

Back to Kelly A. Turner's book Radical Remission. She dedicates a whole chapter on this which has triggered so many thoughts for me I think its worth sharing, even briefly.

So here's what I have learnt (not a lot on this yet. I just am starting).

We have all heard somebody say to us at some point in our lives "Go with your gut!".

like me if you really think about it there will be some times / decisions in your life when you "Just Knew", and "Went with your gut" and I bet those times you remember you where absolutely right. Right?

Well, there is loads of science about this but I will leave that for the qualified. I do recommend you look it up (Radical Remission Chapter 3).

When I did, it made me remember a few of the times I honestly knew (Instinctively) in no particular order

  1. As soon as I set eyes on Suzanne, she was the one!

  2. That's it, that's the car I must buy (more than once)

  3. With my mates catching frogs on the common "Don't go on that raft, it will capsize" it did!

  4. I was a reasonable poker player at a point in my life and many times even when the cards (logic) said fold, I "Knew" to push!

  5. I met a man in India once who knew I had a "Something" biologically not quite right with me. Years later I found out he was right! Luckily it never affected me. But He knew as I sat down next to him!

There's more, I hope you get the idea ?

So I am now convinced there is something in all this and I will never just ignore my gut feelings as part of my life and me.

Follows is another short episode about using herbs and supplements.

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