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Cancer - A Long Haul Journey of Learning - Episode 2 of 10. Radically Changing your Diet.

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

1. Radically Change your diet:

In the early days after diagnosis I didn't know where to look or what to do. Suzanne (My wife and Rock, more later) told me about things she'd heard from friends like cut out the red meat, sugar, bread etc. I found myself on google researching things I could do to help myself. (more about internet searching later)

Diet came out very strongly in this research and it eventually lead me to reading "Superlife" by Darin Olien. The book impressed me so much I bought copies for everyone who showed an inkling of interest.

My Learning on the topic:

Our bodies are a total immune system. It's not just our "Immune system"of lymph nodes. Our bodies keep in all the goodness and expel the bad (toxins) through all the "normal" routes and we even have protection from the toxic air we breath with filtering nose hairs. We are continually shedding the toxins from our skin and replacing it with new. Our kidneys have to regenerate themselves they work so hard! There are many, many other ways our bodies act as an immune system, the reason?

In part its because in todays world as soon as we are born we are fighting a cancer (and other) causing toxins we put into and onto our bodies. From oil created clothing, toxin generated soaps, shampoos, sprays etc. to all of the "Crap" we put in pretending its food.

As fascinating as this is, our bodies are constantly working in overdrive to stop us from getting cancer and other diseases. Over generations we've made it so bad that even with the wonders of Mother Nature serious disease is on the rise. So much toxins our bodies eventually give up.

I couldn't live Darin's "super life" but what I did learn and what I am now doing is, (with the support of Suzanne)

  • Stopped eating all "processed" foods

  • Stopped almost all sugar

  • Nearly everything we eat is organic

  • Eating more raw nuts and seeds

  • Eating more berries

  • Eating more vegetables and leafy greens

  • Eating more white meat

  • Have meat free days

  • Eat much more plant based meat replacements

  • Include fermented foods into my diet

  • Include spices such as curry, turmeric and ginger into more of my foods

  • Re introduced much more beans into my diet

A lot of the above are listed in "Superlife" as great anti cancer foods.

Doing the above has not been an issue as taste and texture has not been impacted.

Of course doing "more" of the above means I am doing much less of the harmful habits I had before.

If you don't want cancer or any serious disease later in life, read "Superlife" by Darin Olien.

Our mothers and grand mothers may have said something like "All things in moderation" or "Have a balanced diet and life". Turns out they were right.

In episode 3 I will talk about taking control of your health.

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