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Cancer a long haul learning journey Episode 6 to10: Emotions, Love, Mind and Body & the spirit

Updated: Jan 9

In these next chapters I start to talk more about Complementary medicine. In the next two I talk about emotions, I am then going to talk about the power of Love, I will move on to mind, body and a bit of spiritualism.

I write this little reintroduction as I know most people (myself included) could be turned away at this point, nobody wants to read "All that Fluffy / mumbo jumbo" stuff do they?

Well let me tell you, the study data, facts and science around this stuff is mind blowing.

What I am about to tell you is my high level experiences and understanding having had a "NEED TO" understand situation and stuff I wish I looked into long before.

The research for the following chapters is from Dr Joe Dispenser books The Placebo Effect, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Becoming Supernatural, Kelly A. Turner book Radical Remission and Bruce H. Lipton's classic The Biology of Belief

Episode 6 Releasing Suppressed Emotions:

Today there are scientific facts that, 1 prove our long running emotions can be a cause of our well being especially stress. and 2 We learn from a much earlier age than you think, in the womb in fact.

I learnt that all of our emotions are important survival elements for the periods of time they are intended. Take feeling stress compared to feeling calm and at peace. Stress is the "Fight of Flight" emotion is a very important short term emotion, required initially by our ancestors to run from the sabre-tooth tiger. Feeling Clam at at pease throughout your life is known to extend life! Long term stress on the other hand is now seen as a major cause of many "dis-eases" including cancer.

Back to learning from the moment we exist. Study's now show that a baby living inside stressed out body is born stressed and is more likely to suffer from stress related problems later in life, compare that to the many successful in life people that can prove a loving set of parents from before conception. Google it!

Take that a stage further, studies show us that what we are told at an early stage in our lives not only sticks with us, but it creates our lives, we literally are what our parents, doctors, teachers and priests tell us we are! Here comes suppressed emotions.

I tried to look at what mine are/were if any! I found two significant things which have determined my life to this point, which I am about to share. Before I do, I have always and still firmly believe I had an amazing upbringing from two loving parents who would give their lives for us, I think my mother did in the end, my brother and sister who without them and their love I don't know what would have happened to me. And from the biggest and best extended family and friends you could ever imagine, I am blessed.

The first share I discovered is from my school, days. After my mother died in May 2019 dad had to go through lots of things as you do when loosing a partner of over seventy years. He came across some old school reports from my junior school time and we all had a good laugh at what was actually said in them. No details coming forth but a common thread for those 3 times yearly for 4 years was "I was a Clown" Destined for nothing much more than the scrap heap! Even my report at leaving secondary school read (very positively) "Brien will make a good employee in a manual labour job!"

Second one was whilst at school, I wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but my elder brother was. The school and my family were very proud of him for this and he was often getting acknowledged for his hard work, back then secretly this hurt me!

The bit I did not know is these two "suppressed emotions" were (not now) still with me and drove me in my subconscious mind in everything I did. Simply put I have subconsciously always been trying to do better than "People" thought I could be. Don't get me wrong that in its self has not been the thing, the thing is as a result I am a worrier, I always have been, worrying about what other people can do, what they think of me? and worrying causes you to be stressed! my entire life in unnecessary "Stress" Wow! what a discovery eh?

So how did I find this out? there are many ways to do this, just google it, if it all gets too hard as always I would advise seeing a professional. Me? I had a go myself, LoL. In "Radical Remission at the end of each Chapter Dr Turner provides hints and tips on the topic within that chapter. On this, one of the methods she advised was to simply take some time out and list all of the emotional points in your life as far back as you can remember, really write down everything that you can remember about that event. The above two came out very strong for me.

I then went on to dispel them by writing next to each one, was it actually true and factual? then and now ? or was it a misconception on my side? Then against each one I wrote what IS the truth and the facts around this emotion. My God this was liberating. I have made changes in my life now as a result and I know it takes much more than before to stress me out and I worry a lot less about what people think. My health and own little radical remission is benefiting as a result.

Episode 7 will cover increasing positive emotions.

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